We live in a web-linked, net-linked world. Through technology we can easily share information with different cultures. Information can be transmitted by means of words or even dismissing their use. My project baptized as Linked™ is concerned with sharing cultural information – past and present – from various countries in order to favour mutual understanding – uniting people and at the same time preserving and propagating their cultures.

Linked™ consists of two blogging services: W|W™ (aka Word-linked World™) is a blog concerned with sharing mainly textual information, while M|W™ (aka Media-linked World™) is a microblog concerned in sharing music videos, movie trailers, songs and photos.

This blog will be a priori written in English. As I am not a native speaker of English, I ask the readers to kindly help me pointing my Grammar mistakes when they occur.

Comments and e-mails will certainly be very welcomed. Please, leave lots of comments! 😉 And feel free to write me. I’m looking forward your suggestions, questions, information… well, almost anything! (^_^) E-mails must be sent to the following address: obakezuki@gmail.com.