After years living as a free-time-wishing mendicant, I finally have some to spent. Apart from meeting and writing to my friends, I decided to restart doing things I used before this workaholic period of my life.

Comics was one of my hobbies and I’ve decided to start my new old-habit by reading Uncanny Avengers 001, published in October 2012. And, well, this edition has 12 covers plus variations!!!

The following is my favorite, with art by Olivier Coipel:

UncannyAvengers01_001n-(Olivier Coipel Variant) (ScanDog)

But I must say I was positively surprised by one of the cutest comic covers I’ve ever seen. (*>_<*)

With art by Skottie Young, you can see it below.

UncannyAvengers01_001c-(Skottie Young 'Baby' Variant) (ScanDog)

Rogue is simply the cutest! And Wolverine… chô-kawaii*.

*Chô-kawaii means super-cute in Japanese.

And, oh, my God, baby Wanda is sucking a red dummy! Suuuper-cute!

However, in another cover variation, with art by Adi Granov, an adult Scarlet Witch is designed to make the bad wolf  slobber.

UncannyAvengers01_001d-(Adi Granov Variant) (ScanDog)

Below, you can see a wall presenting 10 covers and 8 variations. If you were going to buy it, what would you choose?

Uncanny Avengers 18 covers

I posted a gallery with 11 covers plus 8 variations at:

All of this edition covers were provided by ScanDog. obakezuki