Finally, after a long preparing time, enters in operation the version 1.0 of this blog which today we present you, dear readers.   \(^o^)/

This blog starts on a day thirteen, seventh day of the second week of the seventh month of the thirteenth year of the second millennium.

Will this numerical coincidence have some sort of magical or deeper meaning?!   (p_-)


Of course, the answer is no (>_< )( >_<), my cherished readers!

Like Chavo del 8* would say,  “I didn’t mean to mean to do it…”. If it depended on us (and it depended) this blog would have begun a lot earlier, maybe on March the 13th (3/13/13 in English date format) or on May (the Birthday of this humble person writing to you).  * El Chavo del Ocho is a 1970’s sitcom from Mexico and it is still today extremely popular in Brazil, where it is exhibited daily by SBT channel.

It happens that reasons the most varied avoided us to begin earlier and that’s why we’re starting our activities in this second Saturday of July, 2013. Applause, ladies and gentleman!   (^^)//

We  don’t deserve anyone so far, but we hope sincerely that our posts captivate and keep the interest of present and future curious and that they allow us a continuous collaboration: between readers and reader-writers.

This project is called Linked™ and it is concerned with sharing cultural information – past and present – from various countries.

W|W™, aka Word-linked World™, is a blog destined to sharing mainly textual, contextualized information, while its counterpart, M|W™, aka Media-linked World™, is a blog more concerned in sharing music videos, movie trailers, photos and songs imediately, without much contextualization.

Before ending, a request to our friendly readers to, please, help us making of these blogs a meeting spot for obakezukis (ghosts’ friends), yoroshiku onegai shimasu**.   m (_ _) m ** An expression used in a respectful way to make a request in Japanese.

That’s all for today, f-f-folks. There’s more tomorrow.   (^.^)/~~~ obakezuki

– Now it’s time to prepare myself for the inauguration party!   \(^o\) (/o^)/

– What?! Will there be one???   (O_O;)   Humpf, I knew it was a lie…  (¬_¬)ノ